CFSC Services Have You Covered for Back to School

CFSC services for Back to School

It’s that time of year again. School is starting back up, and parents all over are hustling to get everything in order for the new school year. With the to-do lists piling up, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to make sure you’ve done everything you need to do to prepare. Fortunately for you, CFSC services make the back to school process so much easier and hassle free!

Quickly Cash Your Paychecks to Shop for Back to School Supplies

Check cashing at CFSC is fast and easy. When you need to get your hands on funds, the last thing you want to do is wait in long lines and jump through hoops. It’s your money. Get access to it your way, right away at any one of our convenient locations.

Plan for Any Upcoming School Trips Abroad

Oftentimes, school clubs and organizations have incredible opportunities for students to attend events abroad. Unfortunately, this comes with the confusing process of foreign currency. At CFSC, we buy and sell over 80 different country’s currency, which means our foreign currency exchange services get you prepped and ready to go in no time.

Make Sure Your Finances are in Order with Electronic Bill Pay

Back to school can mean you have a lot of extra funds going out. Make sure you never miss a bill by setting up electronic bill pay through CFSC. We work with hundreds of billers, which means you can pay your bills quickly and all in one place.

Commute to School Faster with Transit Cards (Including MetroCards)

Avoid the stop and go of the tolls, traffic jams, and early morning congestion, and instead make that commute back and forth to school easy on yourself and your kids. CFSC offers transit cards and MetroCards with multiple options so that you can find the one that works best for you. New York and New Jersey locations have special edition MetroCard holders. They keep your card protected and are pretty fun, too! Get yours while supplies last.

Keep Yourself and the Kids on Budget with Prepaid Debit Cards

Back to school expenses really add up. Between clothes, supplies, enrollment fees, and so much more, finances can get away from you quickly. Rather than rack up loads of interest and more debt by using credit cards to purchase school supplies, get yourself a prepaid debit card from CFSC and enjoy no minimum balance requirements or interest.

No matter what you’re juggling this back to school season, CFSC services give you the break you’re looking for and one less ball to keep in the air. Stop by one of our 200+ locations nationwide today to enjoy all these services and more!

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