Why Bill Pay Works for Most People


Drowning in bills and their upcoming deadlines? Take a deep breath. CFSC Bill Pay can help. Thanks to our relationships with hundreds of billers, we can often get your account credited instantly. You can even pay in cash if you’d rather not pay online. If you’re having trouble keeping track of mounting bills, you can even pay multiple bills at once. Here are some other reasons why CFSC’s bill payment system works for most people.

On Time Payments

It’s important to pay your bills on time. By trusting CFSC to help make your bill payments electronically, you’ll pay your bills faster and manage your deadlines better. These on time payments will help you in the future by improving your credit score. You’ll see multiple benefits from an improved credit score, including lower-interest rates.

Reduce Late Fees

Late fees add up. If they add up for too long and your outstanding balance becomes too much, your debt will be turned over to a collections agency. This can damage your financial well-being. CFSC can help you avoid late fees by helping you pay your bills fast and easy.


As mentioned, you can pay all your bills at one location with CFSC. There is also minimal delay between the date you pay and the date the bill is settled. This will help to prevent late fees, loss of service, or disruption of service. No need to worry about making an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome! We offer bill payment options for credit cards, phone bills, gas services, electricity, and more. Call or visit your nearby CFSC location to see if bill pay is the right option for you.

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