Money Transfers

Safe and Secure Worldwide Transfers

Send money safely and securely. Transfer money practically anywhere in the world thanks to the convenience and reliability of money transfers from CFSC. You can send funds to an individual or a business – whichever you prefer. And with our easy methods for pickup, your recipient can have cash in their hands in no time! They have the option to choose to:

  • Receive Money Transfers in Person
  • Have Funds Transferred to Their Bank Account
  • Have Funds Sent Directly to Their Mobile Phone!

Need to wire money to your family out of state? That’s easy! Want to send a friend some cash to help them get back on their feet? We can do that, too! No matter where or when you need to send money, your local CFSC has you covered. Stop by today!

What Do I Need To Send Money To Someone?

You will need:

  • Your receiver’s name as it appears on their government-issued ID
  • Your receiver’s city/province/state and country
  • Your valid photo ID

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