Your Student Needs a Back to School Debit Card

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It’s back to school time! As students are getting back into the routine and saying goodbye to a fun-filled summer, now’s the perfect time to ensure they’re set up with all the things that will help them succeed this coming school year – including a prepaid debit card.

Give Your Student a Safe and Secure Way to Carry Money

These days, keeping your money safe and secure is a necessity, and it’s no different for students heading back to school. Cash can get easily lost, and if it’s ever stolen, it’s not something you can get back.

By getting your student a prepaid debit card, you’re helping them ensure their money is better protected. And if they ever lose or misplace their card or it’s stolen, it’s super easy and convenient to stop by one of our neighborhood locations and pick up a replacement!

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Back to School Prepaid Debit Cards Help Teach Students How to Budget

Budgeting is a valuable life lesson that every student should learn. A prepaid debit card will help teach your student how to budget as they’ll be able to work within only the amount of funds they have available to them – no “borrowing” money with credit cards or paying high interest rates.

By gaining experience with budgeting now, they’ll be less likely to run into frustrating and stressful situations with finances down the road.

Give Your Student an Easy Way to Pay for Incidentals and Keep Track of Their Spending

Getting a prepaid debit card for back to school is the perfect way for your student to keep track of their spending. With real-time updates on card balances and no worries of extra fees or interest charges, they’ll know exactly how much they’ve spent and just how much they have left.

Adding money to their prepaid debit card is a breeze, too! Simply stop by your nearest CFSC store location to load funds. And when your student is out and about and needing quick cash, they can take advantage of our convenient 24 hour ATMs to get cash when they need it most.

Get your student a back to school prepaid debit card from CFSC today and send them off knowing they and their money is in good hands!

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