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As summer finally approaches, we are more likely to spend our time outdoors, heading into the city, taking day trips, or leaving the country to go on vacation. Whatever your summer plans may be it is time to be financially prepared. Our services provide you with every financial need that may arise as you prepare your summer plans.

Day Trips into the City

Plan on being a city explorer for a day? Before you go, schedule time to head over to your nearest CFSC to purchase your transit ticket to save you time while avoiding a long line at the kiosk.

In addition, for safety reasons, reconsider carrying a ton of cash around in the city. We conveniently have a prepaid debit card that gives you purchasing power right at your fingertips while keeping your money safe in one place. Visit us today to get your prepaid debit card with the same flexibility as a Visa or MasterCard, without any interest rate or minimum balance.

Leaving the Country

Do your summer plans involve you leaving the country? Our foreign currency exchange services are available in our New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, and select Illinois locations. Purchase your foreign currency in advance and avoid the hefty fees and long lines at the airport. We’re here to make your get-away go as smooth as possible!

No matter what you have scheduled for the summer, you can count on your local CFSC for your financial services.

CFSC is a third-generation, family-owned check cashing company with 200+ locations nationwide. To find your nearest check cashing location or to learn more about our financial services, visit our website!

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