PrePaid Cellphones at CFSC

With the number of companies now offering both monthly and pre-paid cellphone plans, consumers now have the ability to choose and customize a plan with the options that best suit their needs.

These companies work with the major carriers to provide network coverage, but are able to offer you services without having to sign any plan contract.

In addition to monthly no-contract plans, companies like Boost Mobile (Sprint network coverage) also offer a $2 daily unlimited plan which includes: Nationwide talk and text, Unlimited Data, Unlimited*Voicemail, Long Distance, Call Waiting & Call Forwarding.

How it works:  Most companies do offer phones for purchase, but with some, if you already own a mobile phone they allow you to use that one instead of having to make an additional purchase. When you choose your plan you are given an account for adding funds to, which are then automatically deducted to pay for the plan of your choice on a monthly or daily basis

Then, choose the method that works best for you to add money to your account.  Options include adding money over the phone using a credit card, register your preferred way to pay online, to make one-time payments anytime, or pay in person with cash or credit at any Boost retailer, convenience store, or check-cashing location like CFSC.

Check cashing locations, like CFSC, offer you convenient locations, very flexible hours, and a one-stop shop for purchasing (at many locations) and setting up a new pre-paid cellphone. You have the option to choose from their selection of the latest iPhone, Android, and Galaxy models, or bring in your own and they will set up your account. If you already have a phone and account set-up with Boost or any other pre-paid mobile service provider, just bring it in and they can add minutes to it for you anytime.

For those who want an alternative to annual contracts, pre-paid mobile providers have really become a competitive market where the consumer walks away with exactly what they do want and nothing more.

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