Organization Tips That Help You Save Money

Organization Tips That Help You Save Money

Did you know that the key to saving money and stretching your budget is all about proper organization? From organizing your life to organizing your closet, each little step makes a big difference, and the extra money you see in your wallet will prove it.

There are several organizational tips that can help you save money, and today we will talk about just a few of them that may help motivate you to get organized.

Create an Organized Budget

It is important to take the time to create an organized budget. This can be done by sitting down at the beginning of the month and listing all of your expenses. When you write down and add up your fixed bills and expenses for the month, you are then able to calculate how much you can spend on groceries, personal items, traveling, and then what you have left over for “fun money.”

By creating an organized month to month budget, it takes stress off your shoulders as you know exactly where your money is going and exactly how much you have left for miscellaneous purchases or activities. Also, we can’t forget those pesky overdraft fees and penalties for missed or late payments! Getting your finances in line is a very effective way to cut out these unforeseen expenses that no one is ever thrilled to find.

One way you can stick to your budget is by using a prepaid debit card versus a credit card or cash. A prepaid debit card lets you load only what you need to spend so you do not accidently overspend. Plus, you do not get stuck paying high interest rates as you may with a credit card.

Organize Your Personal and Household Items

Did you know that organizing your closet, makeup, dresser drawers, and shoe bin can actually save you money? But how? By doing this, you will now be able to easier locate and use what you already have in stock. Instead of going out to buy a cute new pair of booties for fall, go find last year’s pair that have been hiding in the back of your closet. In times where we need something quickly, we would rather rush to the store than dig through the house to find it. If your child is running a fever, most parents would quickly go grab some medicine before going through every cabinet trying to find the children’s liquid ibuprofen. However, with an organized medicine cabinet, you could quickly find that medicine at home, saving both time and money.

Having organized closets, garages, and cabinets also creates more room in your home. More room allows you to buy items in bulk. And we all know what buying items in bulk does… saves you money as well as time!

Skip buying the 4 pack of toilet paper from Target because you don’t have room for the 30 pack from Costco. Organize your home so you can squeeze in that bundle of 12 tubes of toothpaste and the 4-pack of body wash – it will save you money in the long run!

Organize Your Groceries

Who knew that having a clean, organized refrigerator could also save you money? By tidying up your pantry and refrigerator, you will have a better idea of what food you have in your home. In turn, this will keep you from buying unnecessary items at the store and constantly throwing away expired goods that you may not have needed in the first place!

Want to learn how you can stretch your groceries and your budget? Check out our recent blog, How to Make Groceries Stretch in Tough Times.

Make Lists

We all know what it is like to go into the grocery store hungry, and accidentally buy out the entire store. Sometimes our stomachs have a tendency to be bigger than our wallets; it happens to the best of us!

For us Average Joe’s, the same phenomenon occurs when we go into the store without a list. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen in groceries stores, but in retail stores and just about every other place that you can spend your hard-earned money. Making a list of what items you need in your home is a great way to avoid falling victim to overbuying.

Start making a list of errands you need to run, what bills are due when, and what you need from the store. Not only are you bound to save money, but there is also nothing more rewarding than crossing off items on your list as you complete them.

Organization Leads to Efficiency

Staying organized enhances efficiency overall. By living an organized lifestyle, you will open up time in your day as a result of being more efficient. With your newfound efficiency, you will have more time to implement even more money saving tactics. You will now have the time to research and find deals, print coupons, compare prices and join reward programs.

You may also find the time to pack your lunch instead of paying for an overpriced meal; or pack a cooler for your road trip instead of having to make stops at a convenience store.

People often find themselves paying for their lack of organization, literally. If saving money is a priority for you, then organization needs to be as well. Take control of your life and get organized so that you can start saving money today!

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