Moms, Dads, and Grads


As Spring comes to an end, graduation and vacation plans are what moms, dads, and grads seem to think about non-stop. CFSC has over 12 services to help you in every financial aspect to take a load off of your financial needs.


Graduation is right around the corner, which means monetary gifts for grads. If you need quick check cashing for fast cash we can do that- no matter the amount or check type. Don’t want to give cash? No problem, our money transfer service allows you to securely send money to any person safely, and easily. These simple services give you flexibility.

Vacation Planning

Whether you are thinking about leaving the country or staying within the states, we are here to make your travel plans go smoothly. At select CFSC locations, we provide foreign currency exchange so you don’t have to pay hefty fees.

If you are traveling in-state and don’t want to carry a large sum of cash, our prepaid debit card gives you purchasing power right at your finger tips. Don’t forget with over 200 locations, you are bound to find a CFSC ATM when you need quick and easy access to cash.

Our multiple services are here to create convenience and prepare you for the upcoming months.

New York Customers: We are honored that a local Western Union store referred their customers to two of our CFSC locations in New York as they closed their location. We want to welcome Western Union customers to visit our nearest CFSC location to help serve your financial needs.

CFSC is a third-generation, family-owned check cashing company with 200+ locations nationwide. To find your nearest check cashing location or to learn more about our financial services, visit our website!

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