Improve Your Cash Flow with Business Services from Your Nearest CFSC

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When you’re running a small business, reliable cash flow is a necessity, but it’s not always easy to come by. Fortunately for you, your nearest CFSC has business services exclusively created to help improve your cash flow. Put your focus where you want it – on your business. Let us take care of the rest!

Pay Your Employees and Contractors Within Minutes of Cashing a Check

It can be frustrating when the bank places a hold on the funds you need in order to maintain normal operations for your business. At CFSC, we offer business check cashing for small business owners like yourself that don’t require holds or waiting for your funds. You get the money you need, and your employees and contractors get paid on time, every time.

Your Nearest CFSC is Open After Hours

When you need money for your business, it doesn’t always come up between the hours of 9-5. That’s why all of our locations are open extended hours and weekends – and many are open 24 hours a day. So stop by one of our 200+ convenient locations when it works best in your schedule.

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Streamline Your Efficiency with Business Check Cashing by Phone

CFSC makes it easier than ever to get the cash you need right when you need it, without taking away any extra time from running your small business. Take advantage of our business check cashing by phone service, and free up more time for the other things you need to take care of. Find out more here.

Allow Your Employees to Cash Their Checks on the Spot at CFSC

Let your employees and contractors know they don’t have to hassle with waiting for funds to clear and dealing with pesky holds just to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Instead, they can stop by their nearest CFSC location and get access to their money right away!

Need More Cash Flow From Your Accounts Receivables?

No matter which industry your business is in, the truth is, sometimes the cash flow you need from your receivables just isn’t there. Whether it’s because your customers are behind in paying you or an unexpected event occurred causing your cash flow to stop short, your nearest CFSC can help.

Our affiliate company, Eagle Business Solutions, can provide factoring services on your receivables as well as purchase order funding. If you need extra cash to support your growing business, Business Funding through CFSC and Eagle Business Solutions has you covered!

Learn more about how Business Funding can help improve your cash flow or apply for funding.

No matter where your business is at financially, business services from your nearest CFSC will improve your cash flow and thus, your success. Stop by today!

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