Gift Card Exchange for Unwanted Gift Cards this Holiday Season

gift card exchange

You just received a gift from a beloved family, but oops…you open it to find a gift card you instantly know you’ll probably never use. Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck holding that could-be-cash any longer. Here’s how to exchange your gift cards for cash this holiday season.

There’s nothing more exciting than the promise of a little extra cash coming your way during the holiday season. Gifts are great, but when so many of us struggle with debt and those ever-impending bills, getting a little extra cash can be the difference between a truly joyous holiday season and an expensive one.

Of course, well-meaning family sometimes miss the memo. Everyone’s received a present from someone only to find a gift card for something you’ll likely never use. That new restaurant your aunt loves that serves nothing that fits with your diet; that clothing store your cousin works at the never has your size; that online store you just bought more from than you’ll need for another year—a gift card isn’t always the gift it’s meant to be.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the cash to spend where you really need to? Don’t let that gift card gather dust or disappear on your desk. At CFSC, we can turn that gift card into the gift that keeps on giving.

How to Exchange Your Gift Card for Cash

Luckily, exchanging your gift cards for cash isn’t as difficult or impossible of a task as you might think. Actually, it’s a simple as bringing in your gift cards to your local CFSC to have them exchanged for cash right on the spot. With over 200 locations, you can easily make a stop into one of our locations on your daily drive to get the cash you need from those gift cards.

We know that time is tight in our busy lives. If you’re worried about finding the time to exchange your gift cards, don’t worry, we offer flexible hours to fit your schedule.

What You Need to Know to Exchange Your Gift Cards for Cash

To make your exchange, you’ll only need to bring in your gift cards and a valid form of ID. See? Simple as can be.

Almost all gift card brands are accepted, from retail to online and financial brands, too. You won’t have to worry that the gift card you have won’t be accepted; just come to any of our many locations and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions regarding your gift cards….and turn them into cash on the spot!

The Steps Required to Exchange Your Gift Cards for Cash

The steps you need to take to turn your gift cards into the cash you need are short and simple. Just follow our guide and you’ll be on your way to having money in your pocket rather than gift cards collecting dust:

  1. The first step to turning your gift cards into cash is to find the CFSC location that’s most convenient for you. Just head over to our handy location finder where you can locate the store closest to you.
  2. Next, check the hours for your chosen location and plan to stop in during whichever of our flexible business hours are most fitting for you.
  3. The next step is the easiest and best! Simply bring your gift cards and trade them in for cash. We can trade in a wide variety of gift cards for you—just come on in!

If you’re ready to get some cash back for your gift cards and treat yourself to the gift you’ve really been wanting, Community Financial Service Centers is here to help. Just stop by and get started with our easy gift card exchange service.

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