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At the heart of it all, CFSC is about family – yours, ours, and the family created within every customer and employee interaction. It’s that family unit derived from home-grown customer service that sets us apart from other financial institutions, and no one understands that quite like Gina, Director of Marketing for CFSC. With a peek into our company straight from her point of view, Gina tells us just what this family encompasses.

In your own words, what is CFSC?

CFSC stores provide communities, residents and employees with support for all of their financial needs. Many of these communities do not have easy access to banks and other financial facilities, and therefore find it difficult to cash checks, send money, load and unload debit cards, use ATM’s, pay their bills, etc. CFSC gives their customers a comfortable, safe and affordable place to complete their financial transactions and help them manage their daily financial needs better.

Tell us about your position at CFSC. What does a typical day look like for you?

As Director of Marketing, I work with improving and expanding the products and services we offer and communicating those products and services best to our consumer. You say a “typical” day! Nothing is ever typical, lol, especially in marketing. I can start my day by planning new promotions with our service providers, by lunch I can be developing a social media campaign with our ad agency and soon enough find myself responding to a customer’s inquiry of how our Bill Pay service works. Before the day is done, I will design, distribute and analyze customer survey questionnaires, design a Commercial brochure and prepare product posters for Point of Sale display. Other days, I’m evaluating product sales, redesigning our website, filming a new advertising video… When it comes to marketing, I like the versatility and most importantly, the ability to “create, analyze and constantly re-create” so we perfect the products and services we offer to our customers and how best to engage customers in our brand. For me, it’s all about our customer!

What makes CFSC stand out from other check-cashing services?

Funny you should ask this question at this time. We recently initiated a customer survey and I’ve just compiled the results. The customer can answer this best, and they did. Though, none of the questions on the survey specifically asked this question, it was clear to me to see how most of the answers had a resounding similar message that probably answers this question best. Our customers love our personal and responsive Customer Service at each store. Yes, we provide the right products and services that our customers need and desire, however, hands down our customers relate to our employees and call them by name. “I love Maria!” … “I come back again and again because Rita is so pleasant to deal with.” … “I could go to a closer financial service company, but CFSC employees always give me a smile and sincerely want to help me.” … “I feel like family at CFSC!” These are quotes from our customers, so I would have to say that our customer service is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

What do you like best about working at CFSC?

What I love about working at CFSC is the ability to genuinely help others who have the need to seek our services. When someone benefits directly from our work, it is a good feeling. I was not as fortunate to work at the store level previously, but 90% of our management and executive team has. They understand our customer first hand, and they want to see that our customer’s needs are met and want our services to help them succeed financially in life. I have marketed perfume, real estate, education in my career, but when the product or service really makes a difference in the consumer’s life, it is so rewarding. Doing my passion at CFSC has been wonderful. It is really like family here. We are a third generation family run company, but without question, the family extends to all employees and especially to our customers. To become a part of your very own CFSC family, stop in at one of our 200 nationwide stores and let us find a service tailored just for you!

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