5 Ways to Budget this Fall

We all know the summer season can have a strain on how we save and budget weekly. We tend to spend our year-long savings for a vacation getaway, going out to festivals, enjoying the night life, and other events. With out paying close attention to our savings account it can diminish instantly. There is no better time than now to reevaluate your financial spending and make adjustments accordingly.

Budgeting this Fall

The simplest way to budget this fall is to be financially honest with yourself. Evaluate your yearly income and allocate how much to set aside or spend. Be sure to leave enough room for the miscellaneous category. If you set realistic and attainable goals saving money this fall will be feasible.

Below you will find 5 simple ways you can budget this fall:

  • Household Maintenance: Take an early step this season to trim the cost of your heating bill. A simple maintenance check of your property’s exterior and interior will help keep the heat in and cold air out. Start by sealing cracks near windows and outlets, hang heavy drapes, replace missing or old insulation in the attic, and be sure your furnace is up to date. These simple steps can save you a bundle this winter!
  • Plan Ahead Of Time: No matter how many people you are cooking for it is smart to plan your meals in advance. This method can help you save money since you will be eating out less. Make a one-stop shop to the grocery store to buy what you need with less shopping trips that will last you a week. Take this weekly meal challenge to see how much you can be saving!
  • Talk With Your Providers: There is no shame in finding frugal savings tips with your current service providers. A simple call to see if you could be charged less doesn’t hurt. Call now to see if you could be saving a few bucks every month!
  • Technology Habit: We live in a period where technology is a major part of our lives. Our credit cards are linked to multiple subscriptions that we barely use or forget we have. Be sure to go through your credit cards statements to see if the subscription you applied to is worth how much it costs. Weigh out the pros and cons, and if you feel like it is not worth how much you pay be sure to cancel it!
  • “Zero” Cost For Fun: You don’t need to spend money to have a good time. There are many alternative options that you can do on the weekends that cost nothing. Look for free local activities where you can bike or walk to. Instead of going out to the bar, invite a group of friends over to your place for a drink. If you were planning on heading out to the movies try making your living room an entertainment area. Stream a movie or play a show on Netflix. Who said you can’t enjoy a weekend of fun at a cost of “zero”!

The holiday season is right around the corner. Making smart money decisions should happen now to avoid debt after the Holiday Season.

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