Check Cashing Services at CFSC

Have you ever had a pay check that the bank wouldn’t cash or give you immediate access to the funds? If this is an all to familiar scenario for you then patronizing a check cashing service, like CFSC, could save you a lot of hassle and headache.

Nowadays there are not many banks who offer truly free checking without requiring a direct deposit and/or maintaining a certain balance in your account. If you fall below that balance, or don’t receive direct deposit checks from an employer them you are hit with service fees. For those of us living paycheck to paycheck maintain a certain balance isn’t always feasible and waiting for a check to clear isn’t an option. When you need the money that you worked hard for available immediately check cashing services will, for a nominal fee, ensure you have the cash in your had within minutes. Currently, Illinois has capped check-cashing fees for paychecks at 1.4% plus $1 on checks $100 or less and 2.25% on checks greater than $100.

Put simply, there are many benefits remember when considering using a check cashing service like CFSC:

  • Cashing a paycheck at CFSC gives you access to your money the same day.
  • Banks limit access to funds and can hold the money for up to five days while waiting for your check to clear
  • For low-income and low-balance banking customers, bank fees and service changes take a toll on the amount in their account and can end up sending them into a negative balance resulting in additional low-balance and/or overdraft fees.
  • Locations offer loyalty rewards in the form of discounts, money-off and free future transactions.

To learn more, or find a location near you, visit them at

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