We at CFSC are extending the love we have for our customers by making it our mission to support those throughout our communities by providing education and support for breast cancer awareness in conjunction with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Early Detection is Key

Protect Your Health and Assess Your Risk

We’ve all heard that early detection is key, but did you know just how staggering the odds truly are? 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. While we can’t prevent cancer, we can protect our overall health. Understanding the risks, learning how to self-test, and knowing where to go for professional screenings are all vital to early detection.


Source: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Healthy Living and Personal Risk Guide

Learn characteristics that increase your risk for developing cancer, the guidelines for early detection screenings, and so much more by downloading this FREE ebook.



Don’t wait

Be proactive about your health and locate a clinic near you.

cfsc breast cancer awareness campaign

Source: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc

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To learn even more about what you can do to better your odds against breast cancer, head over to www.nationalbreastcancer.org.