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Position Title
Bookkeeper / Field Support
Reports To
Director of Finance
States Available
Basic Function

Responsible for the accuracy of General Ledger accounts for assigned store locations and maintenance of corporate and retail business supplies.

Essential Responsibilities
  • Verify accuracy of all transactions recorded in the store books of entry.
  • Provide support for Store employees to resolve transactions that have been incorrectly entered or are in dispute.
  • Protect the business interests of the Company; maintain Company standards.
  • Follow and comply with all Company policies and procedures.
  • Be accountable for verifying all deposits have been properly received and credited by the bank.
  • Assist Store Manager in meeting their financial goals. Control costs and identify areas of concern to increasing profit.
  • Review discrepancies and work with Store Manager to correct.
  • Communicate an image consistent with Company values and philosophy to all co-workers and customers. Provide guidance in all aspects of day-to-day operations.
  • Review Bank Statements daily for reconciliation to store activates and adjust books accordingly.
  • Maintain open bank debit logs and verify collection efforts are proceeding.
  • Verify Fees are properly recording for all transactions including Money Order, Currency Exchange, Coin Machine, Gift Cards and Bill pays.
  • Record Lottery activities including activations.
  • Verify ATM Loads.
  • Prepare month end summary and in-transit reports.
  • Reconcile Account differences at month end.
  •  Maintain office supply inventory and support retail locations.