Foreign Currency Exchange

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Save time and money by exchanging your currency BEFORE you leave. Airports charge hefty fees for foreign currency exchange. So do exchange facilities in other countries. Rather than spending your time away standing in long lines to exchange your currency and paying more than you need to, stop by CFSC instead. We buy and sell over 80 different country’s currencies, so you’re almost guaranteed to find what you need.

Planning a trip abroad and want to make sure you have correct currency? No problem! Just stop by, and we’ll exchange your money for the currency of the country of your choice. And if you’re headed to multiple countries, you can handle all your foreign currency exchange needs in one place at your local CFSC!

* Available at our New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, and select Illinois locations. *

When Leaving The Country, Should I Get Foreign Currency Locally Or Just Do It At The Airport?

When traveling, the more you do prior to getting to the airport, generally the better. No need to add more stress when you can get foreign currency more easily in your neighborhood. Plus, when you exchange foreign currency at the airport, the rates are typically higher than you would pay locally.

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